What is the price of the Silverback Pro? How can I order?

The Silverback Pro has a retail price of $8500 USD MSRP. Contact our dealer Brookings Powersports for current promotional pricing.

Does the aluminum shell of the Silverback Pro present any temperature or water condensation problems?

Through research and development this winter – temperatures ranging from -21 degrees Fahrenheit to 38 degrees Fahrenheit – a Buddy Propane Heater was able to maintain consistent and comfortable conditions. On relatively warm days we fished multiple hours with no heater running due to the aluminum shell drawing heat from the sun. Condensation was a concern when we initially started designing the Silverback Pro, but through testing we found there is minimal condensation which has not caused any issues.

Does the Silverback Pro fit all UTVs?

The Silverback Pro fits UTVs with a minimum bed width of 48 inches.

How is the Silverback Pro powered?

The Silverback Pro has its own isolated 12-volt battery that is charged from the UTV. The Silverback Pro will stay charged, but will not discharge the UTV, this way you won’t need to worry about being stranded on the ice.

Do you need to unload gear from the bed of the UTV / floor of the Silverback Pro before deploying the Silverback Pro?

No, the automatic telescoping skirt of the Silverback Pro remains 16 inches above the UTV bed until being lowered to the ice. If your gear is below this height, there is no need to load and unload gear for setup or pickup. This amounts to 24 cubic feet of storage that is untouched when deploying the Silverback Pro.

Can you access the interior of the Silverback Pro when it is in the retracted position?

Yes, the door of the Silverback Pro is designed to open both when deployed and when retracted, this way it can be used as a common topper.